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Monday, June 24, 2013




By: Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng

After four to six (4-6) months of rigorous and painstaking preparations in your review, whether you take a self-study review method or you had enrolled in a civil engineering review center of your choice; this is the time for you to take the actual board examinations. I had just compiled these reminders according to what I had experience when I review in Manila for a decade. I hope these reminders help reviewees and students to prepare early during review and on anticipating exam problems. Just follow these simple reminders.


1.  One-week before the actual board examinations, there will be No Cramming Period, No “Puyatan(Over-studying) due to studies. You had finished concluding on what you had reviewed. Just focus.

2. Room assignment will be posted at the premises of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) or you may check the PRC website two to three (2-3) days before the first day of examination.

3.   Double-check your requirements most especially your calculator. You must bring at least 2 calculators for assurance and as a safety precaution as well. Please read my post about calculator at PRC-Approved Calculator: Casio FX-991ES Plus .

4. Prepare the PRC requirements to bring on the actual board exams and the proper attire. You may visit this post: THE PRC REQUIREMENTS TO BRING AND DRESS CODE ON CIVIL ENGINEER BOARD EXAMS for more information.

5.  Visit your school and building assignment prior to the day of the examinations. Bring your Notice of Admission when you verify your school and building assignment.

6.    Please read SERIOUSLY the General Instructions on your Notice of Admission.

7.    Things to do in the Nights before the actual board exams:

a. Pray to GOD to give you strength, patience, wisdom and common sense during the actual board exams.
b.  Relax and avoid cramming.
c.  Communicate with your LOVED ONES. (To boost your self-confidence)
d.  Have a positive attitude: “If others can, why can’t you?”

8.  Try to keep your normal eating and sleeping habits the day before the exam. More tips about proper eating habits at: Foods for the Brain (for CE Board Exams).

9.  When you eat before the actual examinations, they usually say “Eat light”! That’s true. Take your supplements as well. Eat a bar of chocolate (whatever brand you prefer) before you enter your room assignment; it is intended so that you stay alert and awake. Just don’t stain your answer sheet ok?

10.   Do not rely on last minute tips or leakage. They are early blank bullets. Matulog na lang kayo! Have a very good night sleep.


1. For more detailed instruction during exams, please visit this link on my blog: Professional Regulation CommissionExaminee’s Self-Instruction Sheet.

2. TO BE ON TIME at seven o’clock in the morning (7:00 am), please be in your assigned room at six thirty o’clock in the morning (6:30 am) most especially at the first day of the examinations. Anticipate traffic even at dawn. So leave home early to be on time. 
Take note: Don’t be late – be punctual. Late examinees will not be admitted.

3.    If you arrived early on the examination site and you find your room assignment, just find the nearest Rest Room/Comfort Room closest to your room assignment. You are only allowed to pee to the Comfort Room if you’re going to be assisted by the proctor.

4.    Feeling nervous? This is normal. But you must keep your composure and calmness. Take a deep breath, relax and say to pray to GOD: “I did my best during review, LORD I leave the rest to YOU.”

5.    Please listen to the instructions and coordinate to the proctors/watchers. Be courteous, polite and helpful.

6.    Leave your bags outside the classroom or at the back of the examination hall. The proctor will guide you.

7.    Upon entering the classroom, present your Notice of Admission and other requirements to the proctor.

8.    When you receive your test paper, silence must be observed.  Check if the pages of the test paper are complete. If not, please notify immediately the proctor.

9.    Before you start answering the questions, please allow more than three (3) minutes to write all the formulas that you fear to forget. Next is browse the entire questionnaire, check how many questions are there and many pages and try to budget your time.

10.  Read and understand all the questions carefully, most especially the tricky ones. Don’t be over-confident if you encounter one.

11.  If a question is unclear, answer the way you understand it. The proctor cannot interpret it for you. You cannot ask your seat mate.

12.  In shading your answers: AVOID ERASURES so as not to invalidate your answers. Just keep your Answer Sheet clean and free from undue marking, unnecessary folds or stains. Just keep it neat and clean.

13.  If you experienced mental blackout, don’t panic. Just relax and take a deep breath.

14.  If you can’t answer a problem, skip to that problem and answer another problem. Just go back to the problem again if you have time. Take note that in every CE subject, there are 100 problems so you must answer a problem within 3 minutes or less.

15.  Look at all the choices you know you are wrong.

16.  When you sharpen your pencils, have a receptacle for the residues honed out.

17.  Never look at other examinees answer.

18. Never leave any question/item unanswered. In case you run out of time, make smart guesses. This will be easy since the type of exam is a multiple choice type.

19.  There shall be no borrowing of erasers, pencils, sharpeners, calculators and other examination requirements from any examinee.

20.  Just check your work (if you finished answering all the questions) before you pass the answer sheet to the proctor.


1.    When you are finished answering your examination papers, please:

a.    Submit your Answer Sheet with the Test Questionnaire to the Proctor.
b.    After your papers are submitted, sign on the appropriate form. The proctor will guide you.
c.     Leave the venue and proceed out quietly.

2.    There should be no loitering and discussion in the examination premises. Just remember: Never discuss answers after every examination with other examinees. (Masisira ang momentum mo pag nakinig ka sa iba! Don’t listen to them. Just remember and have an attitude, Tama ang sagot ko! Mali ka! Just believe you had correct answers).

3.    Just relax or take a rest while waiting for the results. You have done what you can, there's nothing you can do more. Usually it takes 3 working days to release the actual results in the PRC website.

4.    Pray for Divine Assistance. Invoke the presence of God all throughout the examination. Just pray, pray and pray!!! Here are my posts on Prayers for CE Board Exams

For more information, you may visit the Professional Regulations Commission:


Good Luck Fellow Future Civil Engineers! May God Bless you in passing your exams! Just Bring Home the Bacon!

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