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Sunday, January 12, 2014



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By: Anne Torres
Abante News Online

New studies from doctors have shown how important sleep is to us.

The most important benefit of sleep is it removes toxins from our brains while we are asleep. What are the toxins in our brains? Those are proteins that need to be flushed away and this happens during sleep. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is proteins in our brain -- so proper sleep can prevent Alzheimer’s. Other benefits are:

1) Improve memory. If you are a student studying for a test, do not stay up all night and sacrifice sleep for cramming. When you sleep, all the things you studied are better processed in your brain making you remember them during tests.

2) Curb inflammation. Inflammation is what causes a lot of diseases like stroke, diabetes. Sleeping lowers inflammation in the body.

3) Improve performance of athletes. Sleep helps enhance performance of athletes.

4) Improve grades. Kids are affected by lack of sleep by showing ADHD symptoms (attention deficit disorder). Especially now that kids have so many digital gadgets to distract them like TV, smartphones, games, etc. It is very important for school-age kids to get 8 hours minimum of sleep.

When you sleep, it’s the only time you grow also. So if you want your kids to be tall, make sure they get enough sleep.

5) Sleep can aid in weight loss. Lack of sleep can make us gain weight actually.

6) Sleep helps in lowering stress. If you are at work, take a short power nap to de-stress and relax you. You’ll wake up more fresh and more alert.

7) Avoid acccidents. Lack of sleep can cause accidents in the work place. If you operate any kind of machinery, make sure you have enough sleep and you’re not sleepy at work.

8) Avoid depression. Proper sleep can help you avoid being depressed. If you’re an insomniac, try to drink melatonin before going to sleep. Melatonin has a lot of anti-oxidant benefits to our health, not just helping us get a good night’s sleep.


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